“I have suffered from IBS ten years now and I started doing colonics for the past five years. I have found it helps me manage my IBS. BodyPure is the 3rd colonic centre I have tried. I find at BodyPure that the therapist/owner (Susan) is quite well advanced in her knowledge in regards to the colon, liver etc, than any other colonic centre or even doctors that I have been to. Susan gives me advise on what I should and shouldn’t have in my diet and I also found the extra information that Susan gives me has helped my health even more.”

Lidia Jelinek, Orley Park

My 7 year old daughter has suffered with Chronic Constipation for years. She has never been regular, once every 7 days. Her normal routine consisted of enemas, laxative drinks, etc. Even though they would temporarily help her to have a bowel motion, she was not completely emptying the bowel. She had daily battles of stomach cramps and frequent unsuccessful trips to the toilet. She was living a life of sadness and it impacted her schooling and friendships.

I was unsure how she would cope with colonics, even though my doctor recommended them, but they have been the answer to our prayers. After a few sessions my daughter now has regular daily bowel emptying. She is a much happier child and skips away with her flowing smile after each colonic.

Susan made my daughter feel so calm and relaxed and talked her through the process in kid friendly terms. She is very knowledgeable and has given me so much information for good bowel health. My daughter is happy to go back each time for a colonic, even more so as she gets to see Susan. She looks at her as an amazing lady who got her better.
I had my doubts but now highly recommend colonics for young children. As a Mum we hate to feel helpless in these situations when our children suffer, but this works and I couldn’t be happier.  Happy Mum.

Suzanne Cameron , Glenmore Park

“Colonics have been very beneficial for me to alleviate my constipation. After the first 3 sessions I felt much more at east in my clothes. After 6th it was easier to breathe and pressure in my back was gone. By the 9th my intestines and stomach felt healthier. By my 12th session I was eliminating old stored waste. The colon therapist at BodyPure is very professional, pleasant and knows what to recommend for better results. It was now up to me to follow and do what is needed. I enjoyed every session and recommend them to my clients.” 

Julie Soti, Sydney region

The purpose of my visit to BodyPure was for elimination of toxins, candida and cravings. After 11 sessions I noticed significant health improvements.
Ability to think clearer and focused.
Natural appetite for nutritious foods returned and cravings lessened.
Less food required to feel nourished and satisfied.
Energy level increased.
More sound sleep.
Sinus drainage and clearing.
Clearer skin.
Eyes clearer and white of my eyes were whiter (less yellow).
More regular elimination and unbloated feeling.

I think this is a positive, safe, pleasant and health promoting experience”

CJ, Parramatta

My girlfriend first brought me to try colonics because I was interested in holistic health. I decided to try it and did a series of 12 sessions. Now I can breathe on my own without the use of my bronchodilator as asthma has plagued me for 30 years and now no more.

Keith Chapman, SYD

I came to Body Pure because I fell it is important to maintain a clean colon. Both of my parents died of cancer at an early age (under 65) and I believe it started with body toxicity. After five sessions I had a better feeling of digestion, My eyes were clearer. I felt lighter and more energetic. I have not had a cold or flu in over a year. The feeling of doing something good for my self has helped me to do more things as a proactive person. I know this is a great treatment and I come back from time to time to keep my immune system strong. Being a Beauty Therapist, I am aware of the benefits of great looking skin is a body free of toxins. Colon Therapy is a very simple, safe way to achieve this.

Diane Solus, Sydney

I used colonics to accelerate my detoxification program. I suffered from allergies and fibromyalgia for years and as I was going through a series of colonics plus infrared sauna at BodyPure, my body aches subsided and allergy symptoms lessened. I was sleeping better and had more energy.

Natasha P. Castle Hill

I initially came to BodyPure to loose weight. I also had food cravings, asthma and chronic cough. My immune system was not the best so I decided to start with detoxing my colon for better health. Over the next three months I noticed improved energy, increased sense of well-being, a marked decrease in excess mucous. (I used to blow into tissues several times an hour, now only several times a week.). The therapist at BodyPure has made me more aware of what I put into my body so I now pay more attention to how I eat. I focus on drinking more water. Water is now my favorite beverage. I would recommend colonics to my friends because of the health and bonus benefits I experienced.

Arlini Taokula, Liverpool

“I have been having colonics for over eight years now. I am a senior Manager of an Investment Company and take on a good deal of stress. Colonics rid me of so much toxic pressure physically and emotionally. I thoroughly valued your treatments Susan, but equally so our conversations – I felt so ‘connected’ with you. You are a lovely and caring person and the world needs more like you. I am going to miss you so much.”

E F. Sydney

 “My interest in Colonic hydrotherapy came about due to my wife being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia in January 2014. She had the symptoms for some 2 years prior to diagnosis. I am a qualified Osteomyologist which in my case consists of massage, manipulation electrotherapy and traction, (biomechanical movement) as such my skills bring periods of relief to my wife's symptoms, but sadly short lived. My father past away in 1999, and amongst his many books was a book entitled “A Doctor's Proven New Home Cure for Arthritis”

Giraud W. Campbell, D.O.

Detoxification seemed to be the key in curing arthritics. Colonic hydrotherapy was the starting point, followed with a healthy diet, consisting of raw seasonal vegetables, fruit, nuts and berries. My skills as an osteomyologist would also play a major part but first and foremost detoxification had to take place, therefore colonic hydrotherapy was the first step to detox the body.
I arranged a treatment with a local colonic hydrotherapist. My wife was very sceptical as to any benefit this treatment would have on her condition, she also expressed reservations on eating constantly raw vegetables and fruit therefore she suggested could this be taken in juice form. I could see no reason not to. With this in mind my wife went on to research juicing and came across several methods, which we both employ to date. The results are my wife no longer takes steroids, pain killers or any other medication for her condition. She has also lost 3 stone in weight and this in turn has made her one very happy women. Weight was not the issue her health was, however losing the weight was a big bonus.
My wife's continued treatments consist of quarterly colonic hydrotherapy and regular osteomyology treatment. I count colonic hydrotherapy as essential in detoxification of the body in today's society where processed foods which consist of many pollutants, too many to go through cause havoc with our digestive system. Regular elimination of these toxic foods is required. Unfortunately our digestive system is often overwhelmed, causing life changing health disorders which colonic hydrotherapy can help with.
It has taken my wife's illness to look beyond my skills as an osteomyolgist and value the importance of colonics and real nutrition in today's society where not only is it necessary to help the body when physical problems afflict us, but also to question my patients about their diet. The study of Colonic Hydrotherapy has taught me this.


”Susan, you are an awesome personality and spirit. My life has been enriched beyond measure over the last 10 weeks. You are the purest of angels. I fully support you to continue on your journey to educate and collaborate with the masses of us coming up the same road. A true blessing.

I came am a Registered Nurse/ Massage Therapist and came to BodyPure Health Center for holistic colon cleansing. After twelve sessions I had lots more energy and less gas. I now have an amazing complexion – acne almost obliterated. I have much better hydration in my body overall, 10 kg lighter than before, and because of my therapist educating me, I am a more conscientious eater.

 (Note: L.A. was so inspired by Colon Hydrotherapy and the positive effects it had she went on and trained to be one herself. She has now opened her own clinic.)

Louise Antione , GA, USA

“As I am reaching middle age I am more aware that I need to take care of my body. I wanted to feel better so decided on trying colonics. I knew my immunity was low and allergies always bothered me. So – After 2 sessions I found it easier to breathe. After 3 I discontinued the use of all allergy medicine. After 11 everyone I work with had bad colds. I did not or have I gotten any sickness at all. I have also lost 12kg without any diet or exercise.

The best compliment I recently received from a casual friend said my skin look great and I radiated good health. I truly recommend colonics as you can feel a big difference in mood and energy. I know I’m a healthier person now. I loved it at BodyPure Health Center because of the excellent and professional but personal treatment I received.

Carmen Smith , GA, USA